Damian Christopher Lamont Jordan, eldest of two brothers was born in Nashville, TN in 1987. He grew up in J.C. Napier Public Housing in a single parent home. Damian had to learn how to become the man of the house at a very young age. Playtime, because of his responsibilities consisted of mainly listening to the Radio. Damian learned to imitate most artists that he listened to on the radio. Damian eventually developed his skills into his own unique sound. He enjoyed entertaining his mother and brothers, while riding shotgun in the car. Damian became popular among his friends as he used his singing and rap skills to face the many challenges in his life. As time went by, Damian skills began to sharpen. He began to focus on how to write and structure a song. At age 15, Damian recorded his first song which lead to working with artists such as Young Buck, Nina Ross and Lil' Goonie.

Frankie Beverley & Maze
The Isley Brothers
The Temptations
Marvin Gaye
Dru Hill
Phil Collins
Rome Kem
Bootsy Collins

Goals: Because he is a struggling single parent, Damians Daughter is his first priority. She gives him the drive to focus on his dream of becoming successful in the Music Industry.

Instagram: dc_dollarsign2k

Sound Cloud: Damian Cash

Fb: facebook.com/TheRealDameCash

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